OCTOBER 18, 2014 10:30
NOVEMBER 8, 2014 18:00


Our mission is to promote the creation of artist books by giving young and talented artists a frame-work in which they can experiment and reflect on the practice of book making and production.We would aslo like to gather audience and create a forum for local independent publishers and publications and promote them on an international level. We are convinced that there is great potential and that there are amazingly talented artists who would profit from the Book Lab in thinking outside the box and working together with professionals to realize their book projects.

We developed the idea of the BOOK LAB as a place to work, think, experiment, discuss, play around and come up with new ideas, all centered around the book as a medium of artistic expression in its broadest sense.

The Artists
This year‘s participating artists are: Alexis Şanal, Begüm Yamanlar, Civan Özkanoğlu, Deniz Gül, Duygu Aytaç, Mathias Depardon, SENA, Sevgi Ortaç and Volga Yildiz.

The artist are selected regardless of their past experience with the book format and they have a wide range of artistic expression, whether it be in the form of a classical narrative, a conceptual or scientific approach. During BOOK LAB we want to give the artists an opportunity to venture outside of their regular practice and therefore be open to experiment.

The BOOK LAB is not thought of as a workshop where someone teaches and guides. It is more like a mutual interactive process. In the BOOK LAB we want to develop solutions together, discuss approaches and strategies and strive together for the best possible way to reflect the idea, the concept and the nature of each book project.

The BOOK LAB is a five-week event, structured in three phases:
Creation (3weeks) Production (1 week) Presentation (1 week)

An integral part of the Book Lab is the fact that during the creation phase the lab will be open to visitors who want to have an insight into the working process, join in the discussion, have a coffee or tea and take a look at the books already produced.

During the Creation phase the artists are provided a LAB with all equipments need to work on books where they will closely work with Okay Karadayılar and Frederic Lezmi in each stage of the process. BOOK LAB has an open schedule and all the participants are encouraged to discuss and collaborate, as the most important feature of the BOOK LAB is to provide a creative environment and the possibility to test ideas right away and get direct feedback from the others.

Production / Output
We will produce 20 copies of each book. All the books produced will be for sale. These mostly handmade small-edition “dummies” will target serious art and book collectors. The income from the sales will go to the artists with an aim to fund higher print runs of their books. There will also be a special BOOK LAB collector’s box edition containing all the books produced during the BOOK LAB. The edition of the box will be limited to five sets. Of course, all books will also be available to be sold individually. In addition there will be a catalogue, newspaper or other type of publication with all the books, short texts, essays, etc., so that there will be something visitors and artists can take with them.

Presentation / Book Lounge
Final presentation gives artists the opportunity to get feedbacks by sharing the results with a large audience while creating the atmosphere of a festival weekend around it in order to increase the awareness of artist books in the Istanbul art scene.It is our aim to establish a venue dedicated to the artist book and create a lively space where book makers and book lovers meet to share their passion for beautiful printed matter.

We call this two day event the BOOK LOUNGE. Along with exhibiting the BOOK LAB books, we are inviting independent local artist-book makers and publishers like the Bandrolsüz cooperative and small bookshops like Torna, Espas and Robinson Crusoe in order to create a little Istanbul artist book fair

In addition to this, there will be an accompanying program with lectures, presentations and discussions. The exact program is still to be announced. The exhibition at Studio X will then run for another week.

18.10.2014 - BOOK LAB kick-off!
20.10 - 08.11 - BOOK LAB is open for the public.
13.11 - 16.11 - BOOK LAB Presentation on Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair
21.11 - 22.11 - Opening reception and BOOK LOUNGE
25.11 - 29.11 - BOOK LAB Exhibition


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