MAY 23, 2014 19:00
JULY 4, 2014 18:00

Growing up in a Growing Metropolis

We are inviting you to think about children’s Istanbul… Today’s adults played in the streets and climbed trees while growing up. How are the little ones today growing, especially in a giant metropolis growing each day?

The exhibition, ‘Growing up in a Growing Metropolis’, a collaboration between Studio-X Istanbul and İnformel Eğitim – çocukistanbul, is based on a series of ‘Children’s Istanbul’ workshops. Curator Sinan Logie in the company of works by Ceren Oykut, Ali Taptık, Serkan Taycan and Sıla Yalazan invites us to think about children’s hopes for Istanbul.

Looking forward to seeing you at the opening.

First in a series of panel discussions accompanying the exhibition, ‘Growing an Architect and Growing up in an Architecture School’, will be held on Saturday May 24th at 14:00.