NOVEMBER 8, 2013 00:00
JANUARY 17, 2014 00:00

Collecting Architectural Territories

One of the most significant developments reshaping the intersection of art and architectural practice over the last three decades is the veritable explosion of institutions and foundations that have emerged out of private art collections. Collecting Architecture Territories is a research, and teaching project that attempts to assess the breadth and diversity of such institutions–they range from experimental new museums to renovated industrial, commercial, or military buildings–and to map the effects of these institutions on conventional museological practices and forms of collecting.

A salient feature of these foundations and art centers is their wide geographic distribution. They are often located far from the historical centers of power, operating across a new constellation of global cities, and increasingly, a range of “non-sites.” One of the central hypotheses of the research is that we are presently witnessing a shift in the historical relationship between architecture and collecting practices, one that inherited conceptions of the museum no longer adequately describe.