MAY 21, 2015 19:00 – 21:00

One Day Home

Directed by: Manfred Grübl, Werner Schrödl

One Day Home is an attempt to realize the dream of a self-built home. The main themes of the project are issues of autonomy and independence from large networks, the ability for self-organization, and the demand for rights, in particular fundamental rights that protect the people against the state. Fundamental rights are closely linked to the idea of human rights, which find their philosophical roots in the idea of natural rights, according to which there are legal principles which are stronger than any law.

As an example of these fundamental rights, the project is linked to the gecekondus, the Turkish term for an informal settlement or unplanned neighborhood with simple accommodation buildings.
These houses, which are built during one night on public grounds, cannot be demolished by the authorities, even though they are constructed illegally. Although not fixed in any law, this proceeding led to enormous expansions of Turkish cities, e.g. Istanbul, during the last decades.

The Presentation arranged by the InEnArt team will be followed by a discussion on the effects on urban develogpnet in Turkey an elswhere.

After the screening there will be an artist talk.