FEBRUARY 15, 2018 19:00
MARCH 23, 2018 18:00

Yahsibey Design Workshops Present: The Account of 10 Years

10th Year Exhibition of Yahşibey Design Workshops
The Account of 10 Years

ESTV Yahşibey Design Workshops celebrates its past ten years by an exhibition at Studio-X opening on February 15th. Visitors will learn about the results of the 40 design projects during the last decade, participating designers, the lived and educational experience. "İkinci 20", the foundation's second book, will also be launched at the opening. Visitors should have a QR Code scanner on their smartphones for a richer experience of the exhibition.
Emre Senan Design Foundation (ESTV), which works every summer in the project house designed by architect Nevzat Sayın at Yahşibey Village in Dikili, İzmir; has so far carried out 40 design workshops, each 15-day-long. During the last decade, more than 60 project leaders and over 450 students participated in these design workshops. The project has continued for 600 working days, at no cost to participants.
During the exhibition, a panel discussion will be held to discuss the future of design education and a scouting meet up for the next 10 years of Yahşibey Design Workshops. The outputs of the last decade enriched with design, the region, and new friendships are all at Studio-X until March 23rd.